The Enfield Poltergeist

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    Meh. The old "It really wasn't me that time" routine is as believable as a nine-bob note.
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    I don't! My point was that Grosse was as needy as the family, in his own way. The picture(s) of him grasping Janet might these days raise other questions but they all look hungry for something. :thought:
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    Indeed it might. However, I genuinely don't believe there was anything dodgy going on in *that* regard. Nothing more than a traumatised man perhaps superimposing some of his own personal grief onto the situation.

    But in other regards I don't think that Maurice Grosse was anything other than professional in his investigation. I don't believe him to have been fraudulent or trying to portray things in an artificial way.

    Yes, we do know that the Girls admitted to faking 'some' of what went on. And one could argue that perhaps the duration of the investigation *could* have been influenced both by Grosse's subliminal need to cling on to the memory of his daughter and on the Girls' need for a father figure in the household. But I don't think that this one can be easily classified as falling into the category of, say, seeking attention for publicity and financial gain.

    When the Warrens came ambulance chasing in that manner they were sent on their way. And realistically (a brief period of newspaper and local news attention aside) the majority of the investigation was neither public spectacle nor any real gain for those involved.

    Far from it, in fact. I do not doubt for a second that it had anything other than a detrimental effect on those directly involved.
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