Poltergeist Activity Around Charles Fort Box of Notes

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    "Oct. 22, 1924—Yesterday, I was in the front room, thinking casually of the pictures that fell from the walls. This evening, my eyes bad. Unable to read. Was sitting, staring at the kitchen wall, fiddling with a piece of string. Anything to pass away time. I was staring right at a picture above corner of bureau, where the notes are, but having no consciousness of the picture. It fell. It hit boxes of notes, dropped to floor, frame at a corner broken, glass broken."

    -Link Source + Read More : http://www.sacred-texts.com/fort/wild/wild20.htm
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    "Tonight, when I came home, A told me of a loud sound that had been heard, and how welcome it was to her, because it had interrupted E, in a long, tiresome account of the plot of a moving picture. Later, A exclaimed: 'Here's what made the noise!' She had turned on the light, in the front room, and on the floor was a large picture.

    Nov. 5 - I have not strongly enough emphasized A's state of mind, at the time of the fall of the picture. E's long account of a movie had annoyed her almost beyond endurance, and probably her hope for an interruption was keen."

    This is very like Jung's account of the synchronicities which attended some of his tense encounters with Freud in 1909.

    It is discussed here. Exteriorization of Emotion.

    Fort was writing in 1933 of events from the mid-1920s. I don't think Jung's account was published until much later.

    Two parallel quotes from the two writers head this page on Flying Saucers and painter Budd Hopkins.

    I wonder if his paintings ever fall off walls.? We have come full-circle. :)

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