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    My ebook The Eyrie: A Book of Gryphons is now available on Amazon Kindle. As I say in the Introduction, I searched for pictures of, articles about, and stories containing griffins/gryphons in my youth and found little beyond Alice in Wonderland. So I had to write essays and fiction of my own.

    The Eyrie was planned to be a collection of stories and novelettes about the fabulous bird-lions, but I had collected a lot of obscure information on the winged wonders, so I included numerous essays about them as well. Old cryptozoological friends like the Brentford Griffin and the Jersey Devil appear, and we find out what griffins have in common with Japanese Daikaiju, Peruvian petrol stations, an Irish gardening tool, and those pudgy little cherubs on greeting cards.

    The hero of one story, "The Curious Adventure of the Jersey Devil," should be familiar with readers of the FTMB:

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