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    Police investigating gnome reports in Ecuador

    Police in a town in Ecuador are investigating reports of a little, green man seen walking down the street.

    A number of Quininde residents called police after seeing what they described as a "gnome" in the town centre.

    They all described the creature as being very small, green and ugly.

    Marco Preciado told Diario Extra online: "It was less than three feet tall and I saw it three times. I tried to follow him but he disappeared."

    Cecilia Cedeno who owns a liquor shop, said: "He appeared in front of the shop to a group of people. He gave a loud laugh and run away."

    A police spokesperson said: "People are scared and fascinated by the story. We are investigating and we believe it is someone trying to make fun of the whole town."

    Link is dead. The text above is complete. An archived version of the original item can be accessed via the Wayback Machine:
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    Ah, damn those peyote cactii! :D
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    if ananova says it it must be true
    the only source i trust more is the pravda site
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    Maybe that's where evilsprout disappeared to! :D
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    Does anyone know where this report originated from as every site I can find links it to the Ananova story?
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    Source cites Diario Extra Online:

    It looks like a tabloid: sports, death, marvels, and crime, seem to predominate. If I find the original article, I will try translating it with BabelFish.
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    Ecuadorian woman 'had sex with ghost'
    An Ecuadorian woman has claimed that she had sex with a ghost.

    The woman, known only as Karen, said the ghost slept with her on a number of occasions in her house in the southern city of Guayaquil.

    Karen said the visitations always occurred in the early hours of the morning, and only stopped when "it sensed that my fear was so strong that it left me alone".

    "I felt his body on top of mine and I didn't know what to do. When I came to my senses, it disappeared without saying anything. I was covered in sweat and ran to the bathroom," Karen told her local newspaper Extra.

    A few days later, the ghost returned again.

    "Unlike in previous apparitions, I could see its gleaming eyes and bulky body. I thought I was dreaming but it was real. His body was as light as air," she said.

    The woman initially feared no one would believe her, but her mother encouraged her to come forward and say what she had experienced.

    Although the local authorities are sceptical about the story, local residents support Karen's account.

    "There are plenty of ghosts around here, so I wouldn't be surprised," one neighbour said.



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