Divination Arts & Interpreting Forteana

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    hello everybody!

    this will be the last chapter that I post for a month or two. It is not my intention to spam this forum in anyway, but I really am interested in spreading this information to those who may be interested.

    This chapter is about the divination arts, discussing the anthropological and philosophical implications that numerology, astrology, tarot, and even dream divination had upon mathematics, astronomy, and psychology, among other things.

    I submit here to this forum, that will the auto-hypnotic mechanisms classically known as theurgy, and the other divination arts, what is called the "mystical experience" can be sometimes be achieved, which is a transpersonal state of consciousness. i propose that this mystical experience is as well a prerequisite to the experience of Fortean phenomena, whether it be aliens, cryptids, or the angels and demons. clearly, this theory of mine implies a varied scale of intensity with these phenomena.

    Divination arts are in essence manifesting artificial dreams for analysis, and I think they as well provide eloquent modes of Fortean analysis.


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