Trophies Awarded to Mal_Adjusted

  1. 2
    Awarded: Jul 19, 2015

    On the Radar

    You've done something right: somebody liked your post--you've been NOTICED.

  2. 20
    Awarded: Jul 19, 2015


    1000 posts? It's either love, compulsion or a hostage situation.

  3. 10
    Awarded: Jul 19, 2015

    Repetitive Phenomenon

    100 posts? You and the board: it's getting pretty intimate now. If you're posting on any OTHER boards, this could end badly...

  4. 5
    Awarded: Jul 19, 2015

    Known Entity

    30 posts, eh? Don't be intimidated, but other users probably recognise your name by now.

  5. 1
    Awarded: Jul 19, 2015


    Your first post--that wasn't so bad now, was it? We're glad that you've finally surfaced and hope that your stay with us is a pleasant one.