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  1. DarkBrassica
  2. titchagain
  3. MercuryCrest
    Finally got the sleep I needed
  4. RaM
  5. unit8
    always seeking always learning
  6. GNC
    Happy birthday Danai Gurira, glad you had something to do in this week's episode.
  7. Vardoger
    When is it wrong?
  8. Frideswide
    There is a Treacle Well in Lewis Caroll's Alice books, based that at Binsey near Oxford. Frideswide was the Abbess of Binsey Priory! :D
  9. Frideswide
    "treacle" means good, sweet, wholesome, beneficial - from a world where sugar wasn't available! A treacle well was a healing well.
  10. Frideswide
    "endless descriptions of fancy fabric and jewels" swoon!!!!!!
  11. titchagain
    Currently reading "a monstrous commotion" by Gareth Williams. It's very apt reading right now.
  12. GerdaWordyer
    GerdaWordyer Frideswide
    Treacle Well! Need info. The Saint is not in my fave snarky Book of Saints, "Saints Preserve Us."
    Read the Borman book and enjoy the almost endless descriptions of fancy fabric and jewels.
  13. GerdaWordyer
    GerdaWordyer Frideswide
    I have admired your Fortean name for a long time. I thought it sounded a bit Celtic or Norse, but I had never seen it before so I was just guessing while admiring it. This week, I read "The Private Lives of the Tudors," by Tracy Borman. It's a wonderful book, and in it, I discovered the impeccable Lady-in-waiting Frideswide Strelly. Is this you?!
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    2. Frideswide
      No.... I didn't know about her! excellent! I am Saint Frideswide, Abbess and keeper of a Treacle Well :D
      Feb 10, 2017
  14. Naughty_Felid
    Where's Plankton??
  15. XEPER_
    Animated study of Borley Rectory? What? Where can I see it?
  16. GNC
    Happy birthday, Mr Nemo! You'll make Captain soon enough!
  17. Maria Olivia Shrieves
    Maria Olivia Shrieves
    Now seen Helix, Travelers, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Santa Carlita Diet, Contiuum, Designated Survivor
  18. GingerTabby
    Happy Birthday, Mr_Nemo! :-)
  19. Carrion Films
    Carrion Films
    Currently finishing an animated study of 'BORLEY RECTORY'...
  20. FrKadash
    I watched that when it first came out, thought it was a great adult/children's animation.